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Debian GNU/Linux Mate desktop environment post-install

System applications

  • system-config-printer
  • mate-system-tools (to manage users and groups, date and time, network options, services and NFS/Samba shares)
  • simple-scan, cheese (if you have a scanner and webcam)
  • axel (CLI download accelerator)
  • libdvdread4 (for DVD playback)
  • preload (memory-caching for low-memory systems)
  • byobu (for CLI text window management, shell multiplexing)
  • firmware-linux-free
  • fonts-croscore fonts-crosextra-caladea fonts-crosextra-carlito fonts-liberation - metric-compatible fonts with Microsoft fonts
  • update-notifier
  • mate-media-gstreamer
  • tlp if using a laptop

Desktop applications

  • brasero (CD/DVD/ISO burning), audacious (music player), sound-juicer (for CD burning, listening, ripping)
  • caja-image-converter
  • vlc, browser-plugin-vlc (media player, browser plugin)
  • shutter, gnome-web-photo (screenshot tool with plugin to capture entire web pages w/o scrolling)
  • flac (sound codec)
  • inkscape gimp (image editors)
  • audacious (audio file editor)
  • hplip-gui (for HP printers management, including networked scan and memory card reading)
  • gnome-mines gnome-hearts gnome-mahjongg aisleriot - games found in default Windows installs
  • solaar (for Logitech wireless mice/keyboard pairing and config management)
  • transmission (Bittorrent client)
  • torbrowser-launcher (privacy-oriented browser
  • keepass2 - password manager

Command line to install all at once:

sudo apt install system-config-printer mate-system-tools simple-scan cheese axel libdvdread4 preload byobu firmware-linux-free fonts-croscore fonts-crosextra-caladea fonts-crosextra-carlito fonts-liberation update-notifier mate-media-gstreamer tlp brasero audacious sound-juicer caja-image-converter vlc browser-plugin-vlc shutter gnome-web-photo lac inkscape gimp audacious hplip-gui gnome-mines gnome-hearts gnome-mahjongg aisleriot solaar transmission (Bittorrent client) torbrowser-launcher keepass2

System configuration

  • Plymouth with “Lines” theme (for a nice Debian logo + animation at boot)
  • Latest LibreOffice, youtube-dl, Linux kernel from backports
  • Latest Firefox following the recent re-branding
  • Latest kernel from backports, if needed
  • Automatic security upgrades (optionally, automatic upgrades for everything on stable) - unattended-upgrades package installation, followed by dpkg-reconfigure unattended-upgrades
  • Packages for language support (*-l10n and similar)
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