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Flashing Libreboot

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Building a bootable Devuan fro ISO

* Get the Devuan ASCII (based on Stretch) ISO netinstall - here * Install in VirtualBox * Install Devuan ASCII in VirtualBox Make sure to include console productivity and SSH server options * Use the DevSus script at https://notabug.org/dimkr/devsus ===== Get a pre-built Devuan ISO image ===== * Go to https://archive.org/details/devuan-jessie-c201-libre-2GB ===== Devuan installation from bootable USB ===== * Insert the USB key * Boot the system, you should see Libreboot prompt with boot options. Use Ctrl-U to boot from USB * Once at the login prompt, login as root (no password) * dd if=/devuan-jessie-c201-libre-16GB.img of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=50M * Turn off the system, remove the USB key * Turn it on again, you should now have a login prompt ===== Connect to your network ===== The image does not include drivers for the on-board wifi as they are proprietary. You will need a USB wifi adapter such as those from ThinkPenguin.com. An Atheros AR9271 based adapter was used in this example (USB ID 0cf3:9271) * Insert your USB adapter on the right port * Generate a configuration file for wpa_supplicant:

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